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The Braes Garden represents a unique space adjacent to the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park, Leura Oval and the Memorial gates of Lone Pine Avenue.

It’s uniqueness arises from its scale (over 2 hectares) its watercourses; the Gordon Creek (North to South) and the Braes Creek (West to East), its undulation (30 metre fall from the knoll to the National Park); it’s hundreds of metres of dry stone ‘walls’; its water features; its extensive variety of Conifers, Deciduous and flowering Trees, Rhodendrons, Azaleas and bulbs; its kitchen garden, orchard and bird life as well as descendant specimens of the Aleppo Pine from the Lone Pine Ridge at Gallipolli and three first generation Wollemi Pines acquired at the time of the release of this significant ancient tree discovered by David Noble in the Wollemi National Park.

This website will be progressively developed to both document the heritage significance of the garden and its origins as well as describing the restoration challenges, its ongoing conservation and management while publishing a diversity of images and information sources, reflecting both the journey so far and the visual splendour of seasonal changes reflective of a traditional cool climate garden.

We hope you enjoy navigating the website and glean some pleasure from our passionate commitment to the development of The Braes Garden.





braes garden


The Braes Garden Gallery has been updated for Spring
so take a stroll through the Braes Garden Gallery
and enjoy the beautiful showcase of images.

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